Take a Bite out of this Burger…


Or maybe not…. it does look quite tasty, though! We love our Burger Bike Bell. Anything but ordinary, it will add flavor to your handle bars. It might inspire you to make burgers for dinner too! $20

Ready, Set, it’s Poker Night…


No game closet is complete without a proper poker set! We LOVE this set, packaged in this gorgeous box. It’s pretty enough to leave out on the coffee table all the time. You never know when an impromptu night of poker might take place. Now, let the bets begin! $60

You’re a doll…


Is your inbox full of Costume Party invites?! ‘Tis the season to dress up and have fun, however, we find that we don’t always have time to make an elaborate costume. We love our Doll-Eye glasses – they’re an instant hit and an instant costume. When you move your head, the eyes appear to open and close just like a doll. Creepy?! Nope, totally cool.  All that’s left to make your doll look complete is a pinafore dress and a pair of Mary Janes. $8.50

Enjoy this sweet, chewy treat…


YUM!!! We love Salty Road, Sea Salt Caramel Taffy! It is the perfect, salty – sweet – chewy treat! Even better, it’s made in Brooklyn. We love it’s adorable packaging, making it a great little gift for friends. Warning: once you open the box, you won’t be able to stop! $6.50

It’s time for dinner parties and table topics…


The weather is changing and we are loving it! It’s really starting to feel like fall here in Brooklyn. With the cooler temps, we can actually use our stoves again AND have friends over without worrying about how hot it’s going to get :). Dinner parties are always fun: friends, food and good conversation. Table topics are the perfect way to get everyone talking at the beginning of the party (before the wine really starts flowing). We love this beautiful boxed set of 100 Questions! We promise, there won’t be one moment of silence. $30

Do your Best, Be your Best…


We love this motivational felt pennant! Inspired by a 1950’s Cub Scout motto pennant, it adds a nice vintage touch to any room. It’s also a great reminder to “Do Your Best” each and every day! $38

It’s feeling like fall days and inside games…


We are huge fans of Scrabble! It’s a fun game and easy to play. It also challenges your vocabulary a bit  – after all, we want all the triple letter scores we can get! We love that this game is packaged in this classic tin. Not only will it keep all of your pieces in one place, it’s pretty enough to leave out. Let the Game Nights begin! $30

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