Our Favorite Shirt will be Yours Too…


Hands down, our Peter Beaton Sailor Shirts are our go-to every morning when we pick out what to wear. We love a good stripe cotton shirt! Also, the crew neck cut is quite flattering. Board your yacht and take sail. Or be Parisian for the day. Either way, you will look and feel fabulous! Available S, M, L. $64.

Smells SO Good!


We are Swedish Dream fanatics! We love the soap and could not wait for this Sea Salt candle to be released. It’s our new favorite for sure! Relax and dream of life on the sea. $24

Hello Sunshine!


After a glorious weekend, the weather has turned a bit chilly again in Brooklyn BUT the sun is out! And we know more amazing days are ahead. We are loving this sunny iPhone 5/5s case from Rifle Paper. It’s the perfect case to cheer you up, no matter your mood. We are so smitten, we are having a hard time putting it away ;). $40

Everyone loves a little Flash…


Our Flashing Chicks are THE hot item for every Easter basket! They’re fun. They flash. And they are cute! No basket should be left without one. $4


Let’s Go Fly a Kite…



Spring is here! Finally. We are soaking up these sunny days and planning our outings to the park. If all goes according to plan, we will be having picnics and flying kites every weekend! We love this Box Kite kit and plan on making our very own AWESOME kite! After all, the COOLEST kite in the park is going to be the one you designed. $25 


Get your paint brush ready….


Get creative and flaunt your artistic skills with our Easter Painting Kit! This bunny is too cute and the perfect canvas for spring flowers, bright colors, polka dots, stripes and more. A “must have” for every Easter basket! $14

Get some use out of your boots…


We are loving these Garden Boot Planters! A little different from the basic, terra cotta pot, they add some fun! As we are fixing up our garden in the backyard, we will definitely be planting some beautiful blooms in these! $42

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