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It’s cocktail time…


Who doesn’t enjoy a cocktail, glass of wine or beer after work on Friday night?! Keep your home bar stocked with the essentials and our amazing 4 – in – 1 bar tool. A small and useful tool, it has a cork screw, beer opener, jigger and ice breaker. It makes a great gift and is the perfect size to stick in your suitcase and take on trips. After all, you should always be “cocktail” prepared. $30

The Bubble Wrap Costume is Back…

Bubble Wrap Big

Halloween is sneaking up on us! Of course, the BIG questions is: “What  are you going to be?!” Well, the Bubble Wrap Costume is back, by popular demand. Slip it on and let your night of fun begin. After all, who can resist popping those bubbles? No doubt, your costume will be a party favorite. $22

Ready, Set, it’s Poker Night…


No game closet is complete without a proper poker set! We LOVE this set, packaged in this gorgeous box. It’s pretty enough to leave out on the coffee table all the time. You never know when an impromptu night of poker might take place. Now, let the bets begin! $60

You’re a doll…


Is your inbox full of Costume Party invites?! ‘Tis the season to dress up and have fun, however, we find that we don’t always have time to make an elaborate costume. We love our Doll-Eye glasses – they’re an instant hit and an instant costume. When you move your head, the eyes appear to open and close just like a doll. Creepy?! Nope, totally cool.  All that’s left to make your doll look complete is a pinafore dress and a pair of Mary Janes. $8.50

It’s time for dinner parties and table topics…


The weather is changing and we are loving it! It’s really starting to feel like fall here in Brooklyn. With the cooler temps, we can actually use our stoves again AND have friends over without worrying about how hot it’s going to get :). Dinner parties are always fun: friends, food and good conversation. Table topics are the perfect way to get everyone talking at the beginning of the party (before the wine really starts flowing). We love this beautiful boxed set of 100 Questions! We promise, there won’t be one moment of silence. $30

It’s feeling like fall days and inside games…


We are huge fans of Scrabble! It’s a fun game and easy to play. It also challenges your vocabulary a bit  – after all, we want all the triple letter scores we can get! We love that this game is packaged in this classic tin. Not only will it keep all of your pieces in one place, it’s pretty enough to leave out. Let the Game Nights begin! $30

Get your signed copy of Sweet Paul Eat & Make Today…


We are SO excited to have Sweet Paul at the shop on September 10 from 6 – 8pm! If you are in the neighborhood be sure to stop by and pick up your very own signed copy of his new cookbook and enjoy a taste of the “World’s Best Cake” too!! For those of you that live too far away, order you book online and we will have it signed and shipped to you! This is the perfect gift for foodies and crafters. You might never get them out of the kitchen!

Let’s Twist Again…


We are crazy for classic games, such as Twister! It’s a game that everyone can play, whether you are young or old, and after a few spins you’ll be laughing by how tied up you are. Start spinning and test your flexibility. $24

Grab this Growler and Go…


We hope you’re enjoying  your weekend! It’s a beautiful one here – seriously, hard to believe it is August with that cool breeze! It’s making us long for a picnic in the park. And no picnic is complete without your favorite beer. We are loving this gorgeous growler, complete with the Venn Diagram of Beer. Fill ‘er up! $18

The Best Shatterproof Beer Glass…


We’re kinda big beer fans and we know you are too! We are LOVING the Govino Beer Glass! Now, you can take this BPA-free, shatterprrof glass with you everywhere. Perfect for parties in the backyard, picnics in the park and days spent at the beach. Get one or 10 or 20 – you’ll be glad you did! $4 each

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