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This banner is getting rid of our winter blues…


Wake Up. Kick Ass. Repeat. We love this motivational banner! It’s perfect for your home or for the office. It’s a great reminder to be your best everyday, and not just “good” but “kick ass” good! We’re making this our daily mantra. How about you?! $50

Do your Best, Be your Best…


We love this motivational felt pennant! Inspired by a 1950’s Cub Scout motto pennant, it adds a nice vintage touch to any room. It’s also a great reminder to “Do Your Best” each and every day! $38

Save the Important Stuff…


This clever tin has become a favorite! A super -sized SAVE button is the perfect tin to store all of your important papers, notes, and photos in. We also think it would look great on any desk, next to your computer, of course! $12

Get Stampin’…


How cute is this stamp ring?! It’s the perfect little accessory for your daily note-writing needs. Leave a little hello wherever you go – it will make everyone’s day! We love that the ring is adjustable and it comes with this little stamp pad. All you need is some AWESOME stationery. $14

Everyone needs a touch of neon…


We are going crazy for Neon! One of our new favorite items in the shop is our Neon Peel & Stick Chalkboard (available in pink and green). The pop of color will brighten any room and we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to write our list of to-do’s on one of these! They just scream fun.  And yes, chores CAN be fun! $12


agenda book front

LOVE!!! We just got this AWESOME 17 month agenda book in the shop and we are head over heels in love! It’s the perfect little book to take with you wherever you go and it will keep you in check so you show up for all of those “important” meetings and fancy dinners! Other things that are super special about this book: there is a sheet of fun stickers; a list of ALL the important holidays; a page in front for you to put special dates that you should never forget; color coded tabs for every month; pockets for little notes; and fun illustrations on every page. Being busy and organized has never been so FUN! $20

The Perfect Planter…


We’ve been busy spring cleaning and reorganizing the shop AND our homes – have you?! (No worries if you haven’t started yet, there is still time) Now that we’ve cleared some shelves we’re ready to spruce things up a bit! We love this Planter Bookend Set from Working Class Studio. Ideal for any room, it will keep your books upright AND you can add a punch of color with a few spring flowers. It’s the perfect small touch that will make any room look amazing! $50

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….Solar Pope!


Let the Pope shower you with blessings! Our Solar Pope will share his friendly wave with you when placed in sunlight. Put him in the car, on your desk at work, or in a window at home. We know he will make you smile. $20

Light up the World…



We LOVE globes! Especially this black-ocean globe, “Orion”. Simply beautiful, it will be right at home anywhere you put it – no fancy office required. And just as Orion blazes in the night sky, this Orion lights up at the flip of a switch! We know you will fall in love with it too!





It’s no surprise that Oxford Dictionary chose “selfie” as their word of the year for 2013! Everyone is a bit selfie crazy these days, posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And if you watched the Oscars, you will recall that Ellen tweeted an amazing selfie of A-List Celebrities. (Such a great moment!) We love this print and it’s message to “Be Your Best”! Go ahead, take those selfies and post away! We can’t wait to see them!

July 2020