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An Ode to the Designer of the Iconic Coffee Cup…

Sad news in the NY Times: Leslie Buck, Designer of the Iconic Coffee Cup (above), passed away on Monday at the age of 87. As anyone in NYC knows, this has been the Deli’s coffee cup of choice since the 60’s. Its image has been copied in several forms- many of which I love and sell at the shop (including the Lucky Beggar Coin Purse and the Coffee Cup Trash Can, complete with removable lid, Baby Tshirts in the paper cup version- and of course we carry the ceramic version of the original). Mr. Buck was head of Marketing for a Paper Cup company (the Sherri Cup Company) and ingeniously thought to tie the Blue and White Greek flag into the design of the coffee cup since so many Diners were owned by Greeks. The wording he added, “We are Happy to Serve You” just added to the brilliance of the imagery.  Leave it to his passing for me to learn of this wonderful story. I tip my coffee cup to finally knowing the story and the man who that created this iconic piece of NY Imagery.

Back in Stock: MUSTACHE MUGS; plus something else pretty cool…

It’s been awhile since we got these Mustache Mugs back in stock (we ordered them ages ago!)- but I am happy to say we got some in yesterday. Back orders went out straight away, so if you want one of these- c’mon in or buy online soon, before they sell out again! 15 famous mustaches- guess who! adorn this 12 oz. mug. Also, from the same fun team who created this gem, is the Great Drinkers Shotglass collection:

Toss back a few with some legendary literary greats. These writers are as famous for their drinking as they are for their work! Have a drink in the company of Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker and W.C. Fields. 4 shot glasses in a gift box- $15.50.

Re-usable Produce Bags- brilliant idea!

What a brilliant idea! I got these in my Easter Basket and thought they were super clever and hunted them down for the shop. You can bring these re-usable produce bags to the grocery- weigh your fruits/veggies, then bring them home- clean them and then store them, all in the same bags (no more of those awful plastic bags at the supermarket). These 12″ x14″ are also good for travel toiletries, shoes, or toting around other little odds and ends.  Set of 5 for $11.50.

Thompy the Dog Returns- Yeah, a Happy Ending!! p.s. Yeah or Yay? taking a poll…

If you are a local shopper to Annie’s in our Brooklyn store, you might have seen the many signs we had out about Thompy the Dog, who had been missing (stolen from a local deli!!) for a week and a half. GREAT NEWS- he was returned to his owners (Rowena and Jon, great neighbors/friends/customers) yesterday! Yeah!!! We LOVE dogs at the store, so if you are shopping at Annie’s please bring in your pooch- instead of tying him up outside. A good rule to follow wherever you are (who knew dogs get stolen, but apparently its very common these days). Anyway– wanted everyone to know happy endings do happen these days!

p.s. do you say Yeah or Yay when you are excited? I say YEAH! but notice a lot of people say YAY and this has been on my mind a lot lately (yes, big thoughts in my little brain!!). Let me know your “position” on this…

Our Wonderful Candles, now available online TOO!!

By popular request,  all our yummy candles are now available online– from the delicious scents of our Best Selling Japanese Quince Pagoda Candles– to our favorites in the Bon Chic Soy Collection, they are now all available on our website for everyone to enjoy, no matter where you are! Toile Pagoda’s– $32, Bon Chic Soy Candles– $28.50.

New Obsession: Ice Pop Molds…

I am very excited for my latest obsession- ICE POP MOLDS!! I hunted these down for the shop because I thought they would be so fun for Kids and Adults. Who doesn’t love a home made Ice Pop? You can fill them with all sort of yummy concoctions, especially now that the weather is soo nice. They are bigger than your average pops too, and the clever design catches the drips too- so slurp to your heart’s content!  Since I LOVE these so much, and HAD TO HAVE THEM, we have quite a selection- Blue Rocket Pops, above, Orange too (6 in each set)- plus the Groovy Pops- in Yellow and Green, AND…

these fun Jewel Pops- for your fingers!! Fun! Set of 6 for $12.50:

Rocket and Groovy Ice Pop Molds- $13.95.

Cool Bird Bookends…

Tweet this people, these are the loveliest bookends to come around in a long time! 2 bendable metal (sturdy) Bird Bookends to make your bookshelf or desk more organized, and cool looking at the same time. Available in Blue, Orange, and White. $35 for the set.

Happy Earth Day! Be kind to the Earth, and your neighbors. Celebrate with a cool globe…

Happy Earth Day Everyone! In our quest to be as green as possible this year, let’s not loose site of also being good to one another as we co-exist on this Planet Earth together. On this Earth day I hope that along with vows to not buy plastic water bottles, and bring a bag with us wherever we go (among other green ideas), we also remember to be kind to one another and work towards Peace on our planet. We have these cool Gyroscopic 12″ Ocean Globes (from Kikkerland) at the shop, and looking at it today, on Earth Day I am reminded how big our world is, and how important it is for us all to be Friends and neighbors. $99 for the Globe. Earth Day and Peace on Earth, Priceless.

Introducing CRAZY Recycle Crayon Sticks…

Drum Roll…. Introducing (Just in time for Earth Day) Recycle Crayon Sticks!!! 14 sturdy 100% recycle crayons (no paper for the little ones to try and peel off), rectangular (so they don’t roll off the table)-  in renewable resource packaging with a recycled paper doodle pad. Wowza. That is the trifecta of green fun! $12.50.

Becca and Her Birthday Surprise Ball!

Becca and Aaron are great customers that have also become good friends of mine at the shop. They lived just down the block (although sadly they just moved, but just a few blocks away!) and always come in to shop for special occasions. Aaron’s birthday is February 29th, so although he’s in his 30’s his real age is 8 1/2! I learned his birthday a few years ago on Leap Year when Becca made sure Aaron went a little crazy for his Birthday Shopping (it only happens once every 4 years!). She comes in for her Birthday each year too (in April) and they always make sure the other buys atleast one thing SILLY, so they feel like a kid again. Our famous Birthday Surprise Balls certainly fills the bill- as they come with 10 different treats inside each one, with layers and layers of streamers in between, they are fun to open, as well as play with the treasures inside (each one is different, they are all hand made)! Here are some pics she sent me from her birthday last year when Aaron treated her to one of the Birthday Surprise Balls–check it out..

Becca and Aaron have even more reason to celebrate- they are getting married this October. Cheers!!

Surprise Balls- $14 each.

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