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Surprise, Surprise!! Fun Baby Shower treats…

These Grande Surprise Cornucopia’s are just about the cutest thing we’ve ever had in the shop! Perfect for a Baby Shower!! Treats for Mommy and Baby. Each Grande Surprise Cornucopia is different- but here are some examples of the 15+ prizes inside–bib, bottles, baby spoon, baby plate, blanket, lavender wipes, socks, bubbles, fortunes and quotes, capsule necklace, crown, etc. $38 each and available in Pink, Blue and Yellow/Green- for those really in for a surprise!!
And we also got in these FUN Temporary Tattoos- hilarious for Baby Showers too, and for just plain good laughs! Check them out- Touch My Tummy Tattoos, and FDA- approved Baby Tattoos. $5.50 each. (you can see these MUCH better on our website, so check them out there for close-ups on how funny they are!)

Snowing again… more importantly-Lani Dig Your Dog Petcare products are here!

So we got quite a bit of snow here in NYC last night/today– you can kind of see from the picture above that we got about 8″ (my non-technical guess). Didn’t we do a good job shoveling though? I was quite impressed with our snow removing skills (thanks Rob!), but it was really the Ice- Melting salt that did the trick. That and the sun. Anyway– its been quite a busy day at the shop despite the snow. Some fun customers made the trip out in the snow, my book- keeper was here and there was a tow truck rescuing a tow truck that was rescuing an SUV out on Bond Street. Exciting stuff! More exciting news was that we put out our new line of Pet Shampoos, Conditioners and Pet Strays from a great company, Lani Dig Your Dog- check them out–

Lani bath products are 100% natural, mostly organic, pH balanced for dogs, dye and sulfate free, people-tested and made in the US. They’re good for dogs, people and the environment. The Shampoo, Conditioner and Pet Spray are available in 3 yummy scents- Beach, Woods and Park.

According to the cool dudes at Lani’s- “BEACH reminds us of romping in the sand, chasing sticks into the surf and snoozing under an umbrella with a happy pup at our side.  Perfect for pooches with sensitive skin. PARK reminds us of chasing squirrels, playing fetch and picnicking under the trees with a a tired pooch napping by our side.  Great for frequent use. WOODS reminds us of hunting sticks and crunching through leaves, with the sun on our shoulders and a great dog at our side.  A natural for dogs who love to get real dirty.”

Pet Shampoo & Conditioners $16.95, Pet Spray $13.95.

Like No Other Place In The World! The Brooklyn debate…

It is interesting timing to unveil our latest series of photos at the shop (in addition to Gregoire’s I spoke about yesterday)- because they are a series of photos of the famous Brooklyn Signs that you see coming into the borough (and one funny one below when you leave!) that I commissioned Jill and Sems to take (2 great photographer friends I have spoken about several times on this blog). The part that makes it interesting, however, is that I just read this weeks cover story from Time Out New York, which is BROOKLYN VS. MANHATTAN (you can read it here, but the whole magazine is worth picking up). Of course no surprise what my vote is– Brooklyn, baby… We have so much to offer, and are not embarrassed to admit it, these signs are evidence of that. Of course I have spent plenty of time in good ole Manhattan (Manhasbeen as its been called?!) and love it ALL– but the differences are huge. Anyway– sign photography is hanging up at the shop, all available framed and unframed. $25 and up.

all photos by Jill Valle and Sems Kayisiz

p.s. I am not sure how I even got enrolled in this daily email from TONY  but I LOVE it-in my inbox email it’s called NOW DO THIS TODAY– and has cool things to do around the city. I highly recommend it!

My ABC obsession continues… Introducing Gregoire Ganter & his fabulous photography

As my obsession with the ABC’s continues I am happy to introduce Gregoire Ganter’s amazing ABC photography to the shop. When Gregoire’s first daughter was born in 2003 he was looking for cool, original pieces of art and he was inspired to start his Alphabet series. Since then his repertoire has grown and grown.  We got a few of his prints at the shop- including the NYC ABC’s above, as well as the Brooklyn piece below.

But you can get an original, custom made Alphabet all your own– like Gregoire made for me to spell out Annie. LOVE IT! Perhaps you want to put your last name and your kids name’s all mixed together, or your favorite place– Gregoire can customize whatever you’d like.

They are available in several different sizes- 8″x10″, 11″x14″, 16″x20″– all the way up to 50″x60″. The images are printed in the form of a gallery quality digital C-print in editions of 100. At the shop now we have the NYC ABC in 24″x30″ framed for $750, Brooklyn 20″x24″ framed for $600 and the Annie is $400 framed as is, 16″x20″ but all options are available in all sizes and prices start at $125. We also have the Brooklyn print as a postcard for $2.00. Come in and check out the new artwork! We also have his portfolio on hand to inspire you to make your own combination. You can read more about Gregoire here.

Personalize THIS…

How fun are these?? for adults and kids– always wanted to star in your own book?? Now you can with these fun personalized classics. Each box contains everything you need to star in your favorite classic novel. Follow the instructions to register online, or through the mail, substitute the name of the leading character with your name (or make it a gift!), and create your own cast list- choose yourself, family and friends to play 6 leading characters. Write your own personalized dedication for inside the front of the book, and then receive your very own first edition classic novel within 28 days of registering.

Always wanted to ease on down the Yellow Brick Road? Pick up the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book, or fall through the Rabbit hole as Alice? Then scoop up Alice’s (or Annie’s! or YOUR NAME HERE-you get it…) Adventures in Wonderland. $30 each.

Charmed, I’m Sure….

LOVE THIS! There are 5 Adorable Charm Bracelets all rolled into one cute case in this Set of String of Luck Charm Bracelets. There is one for Happiness & Joy (smiley face on gold charm w/pink cord), Peace & Harmony (peace sign on gold charm w/lt blue cord), Luck & Leisure (horseshoe on gold charm w/green cord), Fame & Fortune (Star on Gold Charm w/purple cord), Love & Romance (heart on gold charm w/red cord)- all for $12!

Chop to It with these great PENCILS

Lately we have had so many different people comment on these clever Chopstick Pencils I had to add them to the site and write about them here. Customers have been raving about what good pencils these are- there are still quite a few pencil people out there, and if you are one of them you need to try these. Sold 2 in a pack, disguised to look like chopsticks, even wrapped up in white paper to look authentic. $2.75 for the pack.

MIX IT UP and other fun letterpress coasters

MIX IT UP with these fun letterpress coasters– 8 in a set for $16.95. or maybe you have something/someone to toast? Try these Cheers!! coasters-(also available as FUN TIMES)

Hot Mama– on Daily Candy- wahooo!! plus the Matryoshka Measuring Cups are Back in Stock…

We are sooo excited to be part of Daily Candy’s Hostess with the Mostess Shop Talk email today– with our Hot Mama dish towel, above- for $10.95. A fun, bright dishtowel to let everyone know who’s the hottie in charge! Not only were we soo excited to be featured in today’s email, but as we were packing up boxes to leave the shop- we also got an important shipment in ourselves, the long-awaited Matryoshka Measuring Cups are back in stock!

We have been out of these since November, so were able to send out a ton of back orders today, more to follow tomorrow. Stock up on these clever measuring cups while you can. $13.95

Back in Stock- Whisk(e)y Rocks and the Whisk(e)y Lovers set

Oh Yeahhhh- FINALLY, the Whisky Rocks are Back in Stock! We got a shout out from New York Magazine’s The Cut/Best Bets back in January for them and our first shipment of the new year was quickly oversold.

We just got more in, along with this cool Whisky Lovers set– so stock up while you can. The Whisk(e)y Lovers Set contains 2 mouthblown 8 oz tumblers and 6 whisky Stones. Both make GREAT gifts, especially for those people that are hard to buy for…

Whisky Rocks – $19.95, Whisk(e)y Lovers set- $60.

Wondering about the different spellings for Whisky and Whiskey?? I was… here’s a little explanation from the New York Times with the lowdown being that – to quote the boozin blog (!)– “Over on this side of the pond, only Scotch is called whisky. US, Canadian and Irish are all strictly referred to as whiskey here, and anyone doing otherwise in a blog or any drinks literature would be shot down.”  Ahh yes, like most important topics there seem to be VERY STRONG opinions on this issue.


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