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Thank you Cherry Patter!

We got a great review from the wonderful blog Cherry Patter (love the title too: where to go when you need anything- love it!)- Thanks so much Laura!!

Check out Cherry Patter for great ideas for food, shopping and visiting all around NYC (with a special emphasis on her home, Brooklyn). I love her mini-guides too, they have proven very useful for several summer excursions. Her photography is amazing too- especially the ones below of the shop!!

annie’s blue ribbon general store: where to go when you need anything


at annie’s blue ribbon general store in boerum hill, i have now found my source for whenever i need whatever random thing might come up.   open since the fall of 2007, this little shop set in a very cute building on state street really does have a little bit of everything combined with some fun and a twist.  billing themselves as an urban general store, annie’s has a little bit of everything including cleaning, kitchen and bathroom products, brooklyn stuff, fun books, pet supplies and even a few beauty items.  the owner takes great care in selecting her goods so that the selection is cute and fun, and sometimes with a twist like these really excellent toilet plungers. now who couldn’t benefit from an upgrade in that department.


annie’s blue ribbon general store has a good toy selection too.  i like the emphasis on the classics like the slinky, the magic 8 ball and mr. potato head, as well as fireman and pirate hats, kaleidoscopes, colorforms (oooh, i really love those and still haven’t indulged but i better soon before the kids get too old) and stamp kits.   the toys all seemed to be battery-free too as an added bonus.   and while the selection may not be as classically beautiful as acorn’s or as extensive as lulu’sannie’s toys are definitely very reasonably priced and would make super gifts.  they also had a nice selection of baby gifts including adorable books like baby’s first tattoo and safe baby handling tips and for the mama the essential plum isand’s mommas belly butter.


annie’s also had a green emphasis with nellie’s all-natural laundry nuggets, lots of very cute recyclable bags in all sizes and colors, bambu veneerware plates, bowls and utensils, klean kanteen bottles and mrs. meyer’s cleaning products.  with great, free gift wrap, annie’s is an excellent place to go for that last minute housewarming present or birthday party gift.      annie’s blue ribbon general store, 365 state street at bond street, brooklyn, new york, 718.522.9848.

Paddle Balls back in stock!

Paddle Ball GameIt’s another exciting day at the General Store!! In the midst of preparing for the BEST HOLIDAY SEASON EVER, we were reminded that it still is summer outside (and a hot one at that) by our latest delivery- a big box of PADDLE BALL GAMES!! These have been out of stock for quite a while now, so we are very happy to have them back at the shop (everyone loves these- kids, hipsters, grandma’s). I have many fond memories playing with these on the dock by our house, ice cream cone in one hand, paddle ball game in the other- and trying to beat my brother to see who could keep the ball bouncing the most without stopping. New artwork too- even cuter I’d say. And now they come in Red and Blue. “It’s Fun!” $4.

City Walks with Dogs NEW YORK EDITION

city walks with dogs- nycNEW! and a wonderful treat for dogs & owners, Chronicle’s City Walks with Dogs- NYC edition is hot off the presses! 50 color maps and routes provide an easy way to navigate around the city for adventures on foot and paw. “Whether you want to mix up your neighborhood walking routine or are taking a vacation [here] with your canine companion, this deck helps you navigate the most dog-friendly routes all five boroughs have to offer. Each of these 50 cards outlines a self-guided on-or-off leash adventure with a detailed map and insider info. From the city’s best kept dog runs and little known swimming spots to its chic pet boutiques and breathtaking vistas, these cards, and your dog’s nose will lead you to the nooks of New York you never knew existed.” $14.95.

Foot Soooooaak

foot soakLike most New Yorker’s I walk everywhere, especially in the summer when the weather is nice. Plus I am on my feet all day/everyday at the shop so come evening time, I am ready for some TLC for my poor little feet. I am addicted to the Natural, Hand made Healing Foot Soak from Jane Inc. It’s an effervescent and highly therapeutic blend of Epsom Salts, sea salts, mineral salts, fruity acids, and soothing bicarbonate with oil of rosemary and peppermint. Add 2 scoops to your footbath and SOAK. 32 oz of heaven. $21.95.

3-D is hot!

3d drawing padIt seems like 3-D is all the rage right now, with several movies out this year in this interesting format  (I am actually trying to go see Up tonight, any reviews to share? I think I am the last one to see it!). We have been selling our 3-D drawing pad since day one at the shop and it is high on our list of Best Sellers. Several customers by 10+ packs at a time since they know they make great gifts (for adults and kids), so we try to always keep this baby in stock. Here is a link to the lo-down on high 3-D graphics work, or just stock up on our 3-D Drawing pad for all the technology figured out for you. $6.50. 50 sheets per pad and 3-D glasses included.

Herban Essentials

Herban EssentialsI tried Herban Essentials towelettes a few years ago and was hooked straight away. They are individually wrapped towelettes made from the highest quality, 100% pure, therapeutic grade, steam distilled or cold pressed essential oils. They make a constant effort to obtain organic, wild-grown oils from American farmers whenever possible (all made in the USA & cruelty free and are never tested on animals). They also WORK REALLY WELL. The essential oils make them smell amazing, but also make them naturally antibacterial and antiseptic as well. The most common use for the towelettes is to cleanse the hands and kill germs, but there are millions of ways to use these wonderful wipes! Rob pops them in his pocket before shows for a little “instant shower.” Very refreshing. In fact, I have to say they are as popular with men (my friend Tom loves them too!) as they are with the ladies. The mixed pack, above, includes 20 towelettes- a mixed bag of Lavender (Lavender oil is renowned for its calming and healing properties), Peppermint ( Peppermint oil is invigoration and energizing) and Lemon (Lemon oil is refreshing and uplifting).

Herban Essentials- Lemonor get yourself a whole bag of the wonderful lemon ones  (these were an Allure Beauty Award Winner)–

  • inhale aroma to stimulate creativity and concentration
  • place in a diffuser or wave through air to eliminate odors and purify surroundings (kills bacteria and many airborne viruses)
  • smooth over face as an astringent or aftershave
  • wipe phones, computer keyboards, etc. in office or at home to prevent the spread of germs
  • toss them in the refrigerator for a special rejuvenating treat on a hot day or after a workout

Throw them in your purse, backpack, briefcase, car, wallet, or gym bag to enjoy their germ-killing, mood-lifting, fabulousness everywhere you go! People have been loading up on them for summer travels too. $15 per bag. We even have them for your Pets


Use these towelettes to clean your hands and kill germs after playing with, caring for, or cleaning up after your pet. Rub a towelette over pet’s hotspots, scrapes, or skin irritations to disinfect, promote healing, and prevent licking. Place a towelette in pet’s crate to help calm and relax in stressful situations (ie: vet visits, illness, travel). Use towelettes to regularly clean pet’s ears.

Color Me Fierce

Color Me FierceI am going to a little reunion tonight with some of my Fashionista friends and so was inspired to write about this fun activity book we just got in- Color Me Fierce! It’s A Fashion Activity Book complete with “Shocking & Revealing Fashion Challenges”, “Hangover Cures- Connect the Dots from Last Night”, and true life features. 6 Fabulous crayons included as well in swell colors like Gold- Digger Yellow, Red Haute, Black is the New Black, Nightmare Blue, Positively Pink and Chartreue. Quite a lot of fun for $12.95.

Moleskine’s are HERE!

moleskine spinner counter topWe heard you people! We have had Moleskine’s in the shop from time to time, but never fully committed to keeping them in stock 24/7. ALL THAT HAS CHANGED NOW THOUGH- we got a great new Moleskine Spinner with tons of Moleskine options for you- large, pocket, square, ruled, soft cover, hard cover, 18 month planners- even the cool one with all the memo pockets- we’ve got them! Come in and load up. $12- $19.95 (for the planners).

moleskine spinner full view

The Outhouse Reader

Outhouse ReaderI am a big fan of clever compendium books- especially funny ones with random quotes and stories, so I was really excited when we got in The Outhouse Reader. It’s a pocket size book “filled with country quips and amusing advice for romantic relationships, playing fair, raising kids, and just plain getting along. It’s sure to entertain everyone who makes a pit stop at the little wood shack out back.” With lots of sayings from Texas Bix Bender & Judge Roy English, it’s a great little gift for your next weekend away. $9.99.

I am loving all these Lemonade Stands!


Photo by ninecherries on

There have been soo many lemonade stands in the neighborhood lately and this has affected my business in an unexpectedly wonderful way. First of all, the kids are just soo cute- I am such a sucker for a cute kid selling a shot-glass size glass of lemonade for 50 cents (this seems to be the going rate here in this part of Brooklyn, although one of the families told me theirs is only a quarter). Secondly, since these kids are raking in the money, they nicely come down the block to Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store to quickly spend their money. Last Saturday one set of kids came in THREE TIMES buying fun treats! They have been buying everything from Glow Necklaces to Mood Rings to Spy Glasses with even some bigger purchases in there too when the Lemonade was really flowing! Trickle Down economics- I love it!

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