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It’s COLD outside! Slather on some Body Butter for DRY SK

It’s COLD outside and my skin itches all over as soon as I go outside, so I have been slathering on this BODY BUTTER to soothe my dry skin. Beeswax and cocoa butter hydrate, nourish and soften the skin. YUM. $12.95.

MORE Amazing new goodies…

These are one of the coolest things I have seen EVER– Totem Stacking Cups. Perfect for small apartments that are short of space (or anyone in need of something fun & functional), these porcelain mugs stack one on top of each other in the Totem tradition. Set of 4 for $59.95. Or maybe you need these melamine plates Hot Plates– set of 4 for $30, 2 of each size- two 7.8″ plates and two 10″ plates-

Or how about this Hold Me Tight Pretty Bowl– $15.95-

Besides being lovely to look at- this bowl also has some more meaning: Good table manners are encouraged in Japanese dining rituals. When eating rice, take the bowl in one hand and chopsticks in another and lift it to your mouth, while taking your chopsticks to “scoop” the rice into your mouth. This prevents you from dropping food. When you do not get a soupspoon, it is proper to drink the soup out of the bowl and eat the solid food with chopsticks. The drawing of a hand on the outer surface of the bowl enlightens and reminds the guest to lift the bowl when eating.

And then there’s the Composition Book, which got a make-over and looks cooler than ever. $8.95.

some of my FAVORITE new items… I’M OBSESSED!

ROCK OUT with this super clever & cool (and useful!) 2 GB USB Flash Drive. approx 3″ high and made from PVC these come in a nice little box and have a limited one year warranty. Or maybe PEACE is more your thing…

ROCK OUT USB Drive, $35, PEACE USB Drive, $37

I also FLIPPED OUT when my friend Sems pulled his computer out of one of these laptop sleeves that looks like an Inter Office Envelope. LOVE IT. Seriously. 2 sizes, 13″ and 15″ (made to fit the MacBook and MacBook Air but my PC fit in there too). Inter Office Laptop Sleeve– $42 and $44 depending on size.

More new things tomorrow so stay tuned!

Stay Healthy this year, the Jao way!

Step up your hand sanitizer game (?!) with Jao Hand Refresher. Man this stuff smells good! Made with tea tree oil, lavender and eucalyptus (amongst other things that make this a 99.8% natural santizer) this stuff WORKS WELL and SMELLSYUMMY too. The one and only natural antiseptic all- purpose gym germ stopper, zit zapper, under arm refresher, after shave, not-just-for-hands sanitizer! So this FLU season keep healthy by washing your hands with some Jao. If you cough/sneeze into your hands, then wash with soap & water and/or use a hand sanitizer with atleast a 65% ethyl alcohol content. Flu viruses can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours people! Spread the Jao, not the germs. $7 for 2 oz. (easy to tote around in your bag).

calling cards that cut straight to the point…

I can think of a ton of people to buy these STOP TALKING cards for– a black box filled with 25 cards that get straight to the point, STOP TALKING. that is funny! and serious. funny & serious all that the same time. 25 cards for $8. or maybe you know someone that needs these—

I am right, you are wrong. Never, ever bring this up again…c’mon, you need these!! $12 for 25. okay, I’ll STOP WRITING now!

R-E-L-A-X & make her day with these yummy bath treats…

LOVE this line of new Bath products we got in- Bubbles for the Bath or Shower. Above, the Cupid formula– because sometimes Love needs a little assistance.  Each of these Bubble Formulas addresses and offers guidance to modern frustrations. Each one addresses a specific problem (stress, relationships, etc.…) of everyday life, in an amusing, laugh-through-it way that can actually help boost the psyche, empower, relax, or revive. And it will all come from you. YOU control your beauty, your mind, your destiny. It’s not magic; it just works. Rich and incredibly emollient, just a small amount of product (less than two capfuls) will yield a virtual tower of suds. Seriously. At 12.17 fl. oz., this product will last a longer than most relationships. The vibrant colors have been selected specifically to soothe, empower, reinforce… The fragrances are strong enough to linger in the bathroom, yet subtle enough, post-bath, to not interfere with a favorite scented lotion or perfume. You can read more about each formula on our website…YUM!! All are perfect Valentine’s Gifts, or for anytime of the year for a friend in need, or YOURSELF. $15.50 each-

Liquid Freud Formula, for when you need to turn up the volume on your inner psyche (Clarifying Magnolia infused with St. John’s wort for an immediate mood lift)

Positive Luck formula, for when you need good things to happen- YESTERDAY (with actual 4- leaf clover extract imported from Ireland)

Sweet Dreams Formula, for help sleeping without waking up in a mad panic at 3am (with soothing Lavender & Chamomile, and a twist of Kiwi)

Bathing with Sharks Formula, when you need that competitive edge at work or play(with Royal Jelly Extract to kick up your energy level)

The Coolest Grandpa Clock you’ve ever seen….

Today I am working at home trying to get my apartment in tip-top shape, thanks to my friend Jennie who is an interior designer (Jennie has a great eye and helped me at the shop when I first opened too. She rocks!). As you might know from checking out the store, I do not like empty space on my walls- and as I eye up one lone wall in my entryway I think this Grandpa Clock would work wonderfully there. Yeah!  I have been obsessed with this ever since I saw it- and now excited I have room for it at my home. Its a clever clock printed on fabric- screws and plugs included to make it a real working clock. 17.3″ wide by 65 inches long (over 5 feet!).  A Grandfather clock for $79? Pretty cool!

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