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Humans of New York

Today we’re taking a break from our usual selection of awesome products to highlight an issue you may not be aware of.  Humans of New York is an amazing blog documenting the many characters of New York. It’s a photographic census of NYC, and along with the images are often short stories about the people featured. Since 2010, HONY, and it’s founder Brandon Stanton have provided us with daily snippets of the individuals that make up our city. Last year Mr. Stanton was approached by the DKNY fashion line to purchase a large number of his photographs for an ad campaign. The price was well below market value, and Stanton refused. This it was discovered they had been used anyway, without consent or compensation, in a window display in Bangkok  Thailand.  Instead of asking for personal compensation, Stanton asked DKNY (owned by the multi-national luxury goods conglomerate LYMH) to donate $100,000 to the Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA to send kids in his Brooklyn neighborhood to summer camp. DKNY has offered to donate only $25,000, so Stanton is working to raise the remaining $75,000 through an Indie Gogo page and has already surpassed DKNY’s contribution. $100,000 means 300 kids will go to summer camp. It may seem like a small thing but having attending YMCA summer camp myself, I can’t overstate the value, particularly to urban kids. Please join us in supporting Brandon Stanton and Humans of New York in this worthy cause!

Coco loves Tegu!

coco and tegu

It’s been over 2 months now since we gave these Tegu blocks to Coco for Christmas and they are still a bona fide hit (that is lifetimes in the toy life cycle of a toddler!). They are magnetic wooden blocks that come packed in a cool little felt travel case for playing on the go. We heard about them from customer requests as the one thing that keeps little ones occupied at restaurants, on the plane, wherever. They are Coco’s go-to toy! Here they are in Tegu Tints, also available in Prism Collection. $32 each. Mix and Match them together for even more fun!

The Rubik’s Cube is Back!!!


Rubik’s Cube, $12.95

One of our fabulous customers called last week desperate for 50 Rubik’s Cubes for her son’s art project. Sounds pretty cool, right? We received the cubes just in time for installation, and are reminded how great the Rubik’s Cube is! If you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s, you probably remember them fondly (or in frustration). They’re still great for kids, but it really is the perfect desk toy, too….as long as you’re mature enough not to peel all the stickers off…..

Do you have a special request? Do you need 100 Whoopee Cushions? Or maybe 200 NYC Map Matches? Let us know. We’ll do our best to fulfill your request!

Where’s the Snow?


Snowtime Pack of 20, $22

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to avoid shoveling, but we’ve had a few false alarms lately regarding snow fall here in New York. Even Snowstorm Nemo disappeared pretty quickly, before too much snow fun could be had. Luckily we’re no longer dependent on the weather for serious snowball fights. Thanks to modern technology we have Snowtime Anytime! They actually feel like real snowballs (minus the wet and cold) making them perfect for indoor or outdoor play year-round!

Repeat After Me….

I think we all need this affirmation. Not only is it a beautiful message, but it’s gorgeously packaged on heavyweight archival paper with gold foiled letters. Standard 11″x 14″ frame size, and printed on antique machinery. This print is beautiful inside and out–just like you!!!

Terrariums are so “in” right now.


If you haven’t already jumped in on the terrarium trend, it’s not too late! We have some amazing Make Your Own Terrarium kits by SpitFire Girl. Pebbles, soil, moss, and toy are included. All YOU have to do is pick your plant (small succulents are the easiest to care for), transfer to the mason jar, water and enjoy! I LOVE mine. That handsome little gnome makes me smile every time it’s time to water my plant. I have such a small apartment, there isn’t a ton of space for potted green things but this little guy is just perfect. Makes me ready for spring!!




Happy Galentine’s Day!


Wine Pearls, $27

To the best of my knowledge this tradition began with one of my favorite shows, Parks & Recreation, but it seems to be reaching beyond that show, inspiring parties and memes all over the world wide web.  And why not? It’s all about “ladies celebrating ladies” and your current relationship status is unimportant. Among my besties this usually means Wine Time. Since I’m running out of time to create portraits of my girlfriends in macaroni, I might just have to settle for these fabulous new Wine Pearls. They’e stainless steel and filled with food-safe  freezing gel to keep your wine, champagne, or martinis cold without diluting the flavor. They’re a perfect gift for your Galentine or your Valentine! Prefer the hard stuff? Our new soapstone whisky rocks are perfect for all types of liquors as well as non-alcoholic beverages.


Soapstone Whisky Rocks, $27

It’s not too late—Valentines still in stock!


Did you lock yourself in your apartment all weekend and hide from the snow? Me too! But now it’s 3 days until Valentine’s Day and all the cool Valentines are sold out right? WRONG! We still have the ultra-cool Tattly Valentines in sets of 24 and 6. Not to mention lots of great individual cards and gifts perfect for you Valentine!



Instabook Album $23

These days it’s all about the retro feel of Hipstamatic and Instagram, so we’re super excited about these new Instabooks! Now your cool images can live long after your newsfeed updates or all the computers of the world stop working. The square shape is perfect for 4×4 or 5×5 images as well as other ephemera. Now even your grandma can appreciate all those food pics you take!

Today’s Big Winner: MULLET COASTERS


True Story: Guy walks into the shop. His story: New coffee table + Super Bowl Party = NEEDS COASTERS NOW. Show him the Mullet Coasters. LAUGHS. Done. That’s it. Ring me up. Leaves happy. Keep laughing yourself with this fun & functional set of 8 different Mullet Coasters (includes the classic, the mulhawk, the rat tail mullet and others!)- $15.

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