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MUG’s New York’s 100 Most Interesting Stores- Get in on it now!

shoptalkWe have been big fans of MUG (Manhattan Users Guide) for a long time. They are always reporting on interesting things happening around the city- on so many different levels. We even have old binders of their earliest newsletters saved (before the interweb!)… and loved when they went ad free too. Now we have one more reason to love them- they are coming out with their own book: New York’s 100 Most Interesting Stores. They are crowd sourcing the funding and you can help them meet their goal (they are only $500 away as of right now). Get more info here— we are honored to be included in it & can’t wait for it to come out!

I’m So Brooklyn :)

im so brooklynHi everyone! The summer has been nutty as we move the shop, but I did manage to have some fun despite all our hard work! Here is a picture of Cocobeans (in the middle) and her 2 friends (The Glass Girls, twins, who have been featured on the blog before too) in the Berkshires donning their cool new t-shirts, I’m So Brooklyn! We had a great time at Mass MoCa, Cricket Creek Farm, Williamstown and hanging with the cows! We are getting these shirts in at the new shop, many colors and sizes for babies and toddlers- $22 each.

Mustaches in Paris :)

Yo! Check out my nephew Charlie in front of the Eiffel Tower with one of our crazy mustaches! LOVE IT!! Charlie and Sammy live in Spain with their parents and travel to cool places like Paris for vacation. We were lucky to spend some time with them this summer in DC when they were stateside visiting family for a few weeks. I got to hear lots of fun stories about how our shop’s products are a part of their European lives. My sister-in-law Katrina orders lots of mustaches & Prank Kits to give as birthday party gifts, but I also heard how these funny items also made their way into the classroom too- good stuff Spanish Cantrell’s!! A Moustache for All Seasons– $6.

Bike on Over!

I love being part of a community- and we are lucky to be part of two, our online community and our local Brooklyn hood. I ran into one of my neighbors, Ellie (above) on the elevator the other day and we got to talking about the store, and she biked over to the shop this morning to get some fun gifts. How fun! She looked so cute in her sweet dress, on her bike- I had to snap a photo. We also got a call from our dear friend and neighbor (who is now out in Cali), Donna, for some more presents. Keep it coming everybody and thanks for all the support! Best, Annie

Traveling this summer? Take along one of our In Flight Bags (another great pic from a fav customer)–

Going any place cool this summer? One of our favorite customers’ is– she’s on her way to Croatia as I write this! Donna Tirp is a special friend, old neighbor and great customer (her husband was our first sale- a gift certificate for his wife, via the phone since they lived in Ohio at the time). She is also a fun shopper & has excellent taste and loads up on great goodies online & in person when visiting from Cali. She sent me this pic this morning of her In Flight Bag stuffed for an exciting trip to the Island of Krk. These bags rock  (I got one as a present and loved it so much I had to get them for the shop…) TSA approved for toiletries, easy to see everything, well priced- LOAD UP! I keep mine packed and ready to go so I am always ready for last minute excursions. In Flight Bags– $8.50.

Secret Identity Day– FUN with our cool Paper Placemats on the last week of school!

One of our favorite people is a public school teacher (you may remember we have written about her before, she also volunteers for Donor’s Choose): Miss K is an amazing teacher, friend, customer, neighbor. Today is the last day of Public School in NYC and as a fun project for the end of school, she bought a set of our Paper Placemats with Secret Disguises for the class and they went nuts for SECRET IDENTITY DAY!! We need to celebrate our teachers, they are such an important part of our lives, Miss K is a great example of this. Here are some fun pics, maybe they will inspire you to be a super hero too! They will certainly liven up the Kids Table at your next Dinner Party! Kids Placemats- Secret Identity Set of 25- $28.

Clever Bowties- Support a great new biz on Kickstarter…

I’m a lucky girl! Not only do I get to work at my Dream Store, but I also get to meet the most interesting people while I’m here! Last Saturday I met Nicholas, who looked special the minute I saw him because of his dapper bowtie. We got to talking and he MAKES these very cool bowties, all of which were inspired by either a Benefit or Show at the MoMa. I am enamored by them all. YOU can help bring these to life by contributing to Nicholas’ Kickstarter Campaign.  You might know Nicholas- he DJ’s at GumboBKLYN 1st Friday Parties, either way- give it up for his fab bowties and the entrepreneurial spirit!

Butter Beans Summer Camp! A Brooklyn fav…

The sun is out! The temperature is supposed to go up later this week, Spring Breaks have started… summer will be here before you know it! If you are lucky enough to be (or have) a 7-12 year old in Brooklyn this summer, please think about signing them up for Butter Beans Summer Camp. We wrote about this cool organization last year when one of our customers told us about it, and every time I hear more about it I wish I was I was either young enough to go, or Coco was old enough to attend (soon enough I suppose…). Check out all the kiddies get to do (write a cookbook, hello!)

Butter Beans Food and Garden Camp “Is a unique, FUN and one-of-kind experience where children ages 7-12 will have amazing farm-to-table adventures including:

  • Harvesting fresh food from rooftop farms
  • Exploring farmer’s markets to shop for their own ingredients
  • Creating their own savory pickles and sweet jam
  • Making delicious ice cream from scratch
  • Tasting local honey and visiting beehives while wearing a bee suit
  • Growing plants and sprouting seeds
  • Writing a cookbook

Doesn’t that all sound amazing?? Sign up now, and save 10% off before 3/15.  Have fun everybody!

Lolly Koon Photography

My dear friend, and very talented photographer Lolly, is heading to Mexico next month to photograph families in the suburb of Ensenda while working with a charity organization which feeds, clothes, and educated impoverished families in the region. To help raise money for the trip she’s currently holding a print sale on Etsy. With the purchase of a print you’ll also receive a photographic newsletter documenting her trip. I can promise you they won’t be pics of her doing shots on the beach, either. Her photography is hauntingly beautiful and I look forward to seeing the work this trip produces. Check out her Etsy page for some great affordable pieces or her personal website for even more work! ~Jess

Skiing Gnome!

It’s true that Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store really is the BEST place to get the perfect gift! Not only do I (Megan) work here every now and then, but it’s my go-to place for unique and sure to be loved gifts. Case in point: the Gnome & Garden Gnovelty Kit I got my sister for Christmas. She loves the little gnome (named Gnoman Rockwell) so much he’s even gone skiing with her!

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