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Party Time!

We’ve been to a TON of fun parties lately (seems like 1/2 the people I know are born in July, including me!!). Finding yourself in the same boat with lots to celebrate? Bring along some of these fun & festive party horns (packed in a cool cone) to the next soiree… PartyHorns, set  of 6- $12.

More customer/friend photos- STAINLESS STEEL ICE POP MOLDS from Rose & the Triplets!

We got this yummy picture from our friend Rose who made mouth watering Ice Pops using our Stainless Steel Ice Pop Molds. She used leftover yogurt (her triplets only seem to eat 3/4 of the cup) and combined that with frozen raspberries from the grocery. Mixed it all together, poured it into ice pop molds, put in freezer and voila- a delicious dessert and you know all the ingredients. Stainless Steel Ice Pop Molds– $45.

Insights From the Intern: Cool Kids on the Block…

If you want your little tike to look totally rockin’ on the first day back to school, you absolutely MUST have these new Kanken Bags. Fresh, new, and hip- these backpacks will make your little one stand out amongst the crowd. For the mini series we have 4 colors- blue, forest green, red, and putty.  These came in and I was immediately in looooooove. Good thing they make them for adults too!! They are slim enough to look feminine on a woman but utilitarian enough to remain masculine. They could make a perfect gifts for teens off to college or that person who is always on the go. Totally one of the most versatile bags I have seen in a LONG time. I mean, you can use it as a hand bag OR a backpack, all the while carrying your computer in the computer sleeve and water bottle in the bottle pocket.  On top of all that, the European aesthetic really gives these bags the X-factor. What’s not to be obsessed with??? Kanken Classic Backpack– $75, Kanken Mini Backpack– $55. Check out all of our Back to School Merchandise online!!

Digging it. Draw Your Tomorrow Planner…

Draw Your Tomorrow- digging it. A cool planner with lots of room for doodling & creativity. Perfect to start anytime. Yeah Mon. I’m feeling it… Draw Your Tomorrow Planner– $36.

Feeding the World never looked so cool…

I’m totally BONKERS for this Feed the World Cookie Cutter. It’s an amazing way to share the love by helping feed the world (packed in this cool BIG box- part of the proceeds go to combat world hunger). Make cookies shaped like all the continents; there is even a recipe on the box so you can’t miss. ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER! Love it! Feed the World Cookie Cutters– $20.

Lovely Eloise (AKA Cheese) in our I Love Brooklyn Tee!!!

Another great pic from a customer/friend/fellow Mama– here is lovely Eloise in our I Love Brooklyn Tee! A perfect present for a Brooklyn-ite or aspiring NYC’er (they are packed in an adorable box , all are hand printed). Also available as a onesie. Let everyone know you (& your babe) LOVE Brooklyn!! I Love Brooklyn Lap Tee– $28.

Mustaches make it all the way to The Great Wall of China!

Our dear friend (and wonderfully supportive customer!) Catrine is on vacation in China right now, visiting family. She picked out some fun treats for her twin nieces, one of them being the cool set of Artist Mustaches, as modeled by the cuties in China above. Looking good Toulouse Lautrec & Rembrandt!! Have fun on your trip ladies & send us more pics! Artist Mustaches– $6.95.

Add Some SPICE To Your Life….

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit, $30

Maybe I’m just feeling the late afternoon hunger pains, but I’m obsessed with our new Mobile Foodie Survival Kits. The tower of 13 spices lock together and make an amazing hostess gift,  or an absolute necessity for travelers. We had a great customer pick one up on her way out to their beach house. They love to cook, but hate stocking up on a ton of spices. This way they’re set for the rest of the summer! If that’s not enough to recommend them, they’re assembled in the Mid-Hudson Workshop in Poughkeepsie, New York by adults with physical and mental handicaps.

Bon Appetit!!!

Bon Appetit! $17.99

We loved (and still do) Julia Child and devoured her autobiography My Life in France. Now we can pass on that love to the next generation! Packed with gorgeous illustrations and telling the story of Julia’s life, this children’s book is full of fun and eccentricity….just like Julia herself!

Insights from the Intern: Organic Scores!!

After doing some very intense blog reading and pinning, I came across some sleek looking organic body washes! BUT, to make the pot sweeter, I found out that the vendor was a socially and environmentally conscious company and was located right nearby! At Annie’s we  love supporting local small businesses so I did some chatting and got all 4 of the body washes in the store! They smell so so yummy, and who could resist the sleek packaging? I’m obsessed! They even have a non-scented baby wash! All of these are sure to help you do just what the name says- Get Happy, Wake up, or Calm Down. Organic Body Washes- $15 

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