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Atlantic Avenue Artwalk- NEXT WEEKEND, June 5-6th

Next weekend, June 5-6th, is the Atlantic Avenue Artwalk and we are so excited to show off our new artist, Emmanuel Daval. His work ranges from these interesting landscapes (Hello, gotta love the Brooklyn Bridge painting! of course he’s a local guy…) to these brilliant portraits below. Artwalk Weekend is always a lot of fun and a great time to check out the neighborhood and see what’s new.  We will be having a little wine and treats reception for Emmanuel in the late afternoon on Saturday the 5th, so come by and say Hello! In the meantime, check out Emmanuel’s work here

Lucha Libre Madness—

It’s Lucha Libre Madness time at the shop!! I am obsessed with those crazy Mexican Wrestlers. My Aunt and Uncle used to watch it back in the day. We got some VERY FUNNY Lucha Libre Wrestling dolls in, complete with capes and masks- HILARIOUS. Have your very own throw down with these fun dolls. Twelve characters, 4″ each. $12.95.

And then to top off the fun, pair it off with Lucha Libre: The Man in the Silver Mask, A Bilingual Cuento. Fun, bilingual book about a first trip to see the crazy masks and wild costumes at a Lucha Libre match. Wonderful illustrations along with this fun story, $17.95. p.s. I asked Christopher to take some pics of the Lucha Libre Wrestlers, see what he came up with  (I think he had a little fun with them, eh?)–


Set up your very own Lemonade Stand with this fun kit complete with everything you need for mixing up some fun!! Delicious lemonade mix, roll of paper to make signs for Lemonade stand, special cups to serve lemonade, big green marker to draw sign, shovel to stir lemonade- all in a big bucket to mix and serve lemonade in. What a fun gift! $14.95.

PING PONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some things are just cooler than others and this PING PONG SET is one of them. Play your stylish heart out with these gorgeous nautical paddles (can you say that about ping pong paddles? I just did…) and four balls packaged inside a lovely box. Great hostess gift for summer fun!! $42.

you NEED these new Pj’s (and so do I!)…

I’m not sure you can tell how wonderful these new pj’s are from their picture, but alas, I am in love and taking a pair home for myself TODAY. They come in 3 wonderful colors- navy (with pink piping), pink (with green piping) and brown (with pink piping- pink/brown is one of my favorite color combos, btw). All come packed in a pretty cotton bag and would make a wonderful present (um, for MYSELF!). In a light, lovely cotton perfect for Summer and available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. $44 each. (Get them while you can, I put them in the window and they are going fast!).

Some of my favorite new things…

A few of my favorite new things (because there are soo many!).  First up, these cute jump ropes. I think the mermaid one is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. And the fairy one… ADORABLE. Wood/ Rope Skipping Ropes $7.95 each.  Make yourself feel like a kid again with these fun treats, or buy them for a little one in your life. Next up-

I love pop ups and anyone that has been to the shop knows I am obsessed with them so when this new one was just released, I HAD to get it. Dr. Seuss in Pop Up? No brainer, especially with this great story about all the things we can do with our lives. Important lessons at any age! $28.99.

HULA HOOPS! YEAH! Yea!!! Yay!!! Soo fun! We have already sold a bunch of these and just got them in – 2 different sizes, 4 different colors (blue, pink, yellow, purple). LOTS of fun! Check out this crazy hula hoop video, above, she’s got it going on! Hula Hoops, $5.50.

Our Fire Bucket BBQ is famous!

Our Fire Bucket BBQ Grill is featured in the June/ July issue issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine, in their special double issue on Grilling. Exciting news!! I love this whole issue for summer ideas for cooking and entertaining (EVERYTHING in the “50 on a Stick” section sounds good! Grill cheese sandwiches on a skewer? I’m in! Curried Shrimp with Pineapple? YUM! Lemon Meringue “Pie” on a stick? gotta try that too…) so get your copy now. We did one of the Backyard Clambakes (on pg. 161) last year (in our apartment no less!) and it was super fun and delicious. The Reach for the Stars party (pg. 171) has me thinking about the 4th of July already too- can’t wait!! In the meantime, though- for those of us with tight space, or just a good sense of humor- be sure to get our Fire Bucket BBQ. $80. Lots more grill ideas to come later this week too, in preparation for Memorial Day weekend (hello, it’s NEXT weekend, where does the time go?) and Father’s Day too (a month away!).

The Heart and The Bottle’s author stops by to shop!!

Exciting news today at the shop- The Heart and The Bottle’s author, Oliver Jeffers, stopped by with his girl to do some shopping. He was pleased to see his new book in our shop and graciously signed our copies for us. He is heading back home for a visit to Belfast, but we were happy to visit with him for a while (we learned our shop was at the top of his brother’s list of places to check out when he visits  and that’s how he heard about us- nice!).  Come by soon (or shop online) to get your signed copy of Oliver’s latest book (his 6th- due to be featured in a movie later this year). $17.99.

(apparently Oliver just shaved off his mustache, so this might be one of the first pics of him sans ‘stache!)

Back in Stock for Summer- Garden Incense Candles and Sticks—

Back in Stock for summertime (and the mosquitoes &bugs that come with it)- our Garden Incense Sticks and Candles. Made with 10% Citronella essential oils (most products on the market have 3%) and also infused with Rosemary and Thyme, these Candles and Sticks bring the best kept secrets of the Amazon to your backyard (Andiroba Oil). They are made with natural, earth-friendly ingredients that are effective and aromatic. The Candle will burn for up to 28 hours and the sticks (12 in a pack) will each burn for 2 1/2 hours. Candle– $14, Incense Sticks– $16.

Wonderful Onesies, for a cause….

These LOVE Onesies not only look and feel wonderful, they are also part of an amazing movement that donates a book to a child in need with each one that is purchased (through the organization Room to Read). The Onesies themselves are made from Organic Cotton and machine washable and help send messages we all could use more reminding of– LOVE, IMAGINE, PEACE, COURAGE, DREAM. Available in 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months, they also come cleverly packaged in a book! Check them out-$26.50 each.

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