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Loving PS 22’s Chorus– Who’s with me?!?!

Have you all heard the wonderful story about PS 22’s chorus? A local NYC Public School (in Staten Island, actually, a regular Public School- no fancy art school or magnet school) has a killer kids chorus that has been getting all sorts of attention. Their rockin’ teacher, Mr. B, starting posting their videos about a year ago on YouTube and they have gotten 28 million hits with their amazing covers of everyone from Lady Gaga to Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger (check out this link above, the whole performance is amazing, but the cute kid singing solo– c’mon, it doesn’t get any better than that!). Tonight they are performing at the Oscar’s and I can’t wait to see their rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Every color and nationality seems to be represented in their group too, making the story even sweeter. Love them!

Watch Out, we finally got in PASS THE PIGS!

Score! Finally, after years of hunting- I finally found the people that make the Pass the Pigs game and ordered a bunch for the shop. Wahooo! Have you guys played this? Its so fun and addicting. I first learned about it in Ski House/ Drinking Game mode, but really it’s for everyone and is a classic, fun party game. It comes with two pig dice and depending on how they land- that’s your score (yes, it’s about technique my friends- not intelligence).  Roll the two comical pigs as may times as you are on your turn to rack up points. But if you press your luck and roll a “Pig Out” or and “Oinker” you’ll loose them all. First player to score 100 pints wins! Comes with a carrying case, score card, scoring guide, rules and 2 pencils. Pass the Pigs– $13.95.  While I looking for other Pass the Pig aficionados online (yes, they are out there!) I came across this fun set that someone hand knitted as Christmas presents- from a fun blog called Roman Sock– picture from their site- so cute! Totally made me laugh! Time to break out the Pigs!

One of my favorite things EVER… I’m as Big As Growth Chart!

575I LOVE this growth chart! It’s 6 1/2 feet tall and when you hang it on the wall you can see how tall you are next to other important things like an Oscar, The World’s Largest Hands, a Tasmanian Devil, Elvis, a wombat, Tom Thumb, etc. Do you see how entrancing this could be? Fun for Kids and Adults. Fun for ME! I’m as Big As Growth Chart $18.

great shout outs from iVillage– & Swiss Miss and Get Addicted To…

We are super psyched to be a part of iVillage’s New Spring Decor 30 under $30 feature. Our fabulous Tap Water Bottles made it in there front and center- wahooo!! My Big Gorilla and I are addicted to ours (actually I also have to admit that he dropped one of them from counter height a few weeks ago and since the glass is so thick, it didn’t break or chip, impressive). Get the Hose Water or Tap is Terrific Water Bottles- $14.95.

Also we are sooo excited that the Swiss Miss (we love you Swiss Miss!) and Get Addicted To featured our awesome Brooklyn/ Breukelen necklaces. Did I also mention there is a cool 718 edition too? $150 each.

Office Hours with Professor Cantrell…

This is my second semester teaching at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and one part of the job I have a love/ hate relationship with is back- Office Hours. I hate it because I have to get here an hour before class (this semester I am teaching 2 classes, so I have to be here two hours before class) and I love it because once I am here I have total peace and quiet. Students can come by and see me, and I share an office with other Adjuncts but most of the time it’s just me. Me and the quiet. I can’t even listen to my beloved NPR- just some time to work on my classes, think about the shop, and appreciate the silence. I wish I could decorate it however I like, but since I share the desk with 6 other people, and the room with countless others- I have to just dream. I know one things for sure though- I would hang these Peel & Stick Chalkboard sheets up. They even come with a piece of chalk (now I have to pick up chalk each week from the main office)! I know I would be super organized, and an even better teacher if I were able to map it all out in chalk first. Peel and Stick Chalkboard (4 sheets, 9″ x 12″ each, plus chalk)- $16.99.

Tic- Tac- Toe done RIGHT!

Another CLEVER (and fun!) stamp set from the Yellow Owl Workshop- this one for all you Tic- Tac- Toe lovers. Stamp your heart out with this 3 piece stamp set, that also comes with Ink Pad and Rules (!). Tic- Tac- Toe Stamp Set– $19.95.

A Snowy Presidents’ Day: A Perfect Way to show off the beauty of Brooklyn

It was a snowy morning in NYC- most of it melting before it hitting the ground, but still enough to cover the trees and give the city a little bit more of the Winter Wonderland look we have seen so much of this winter. I heard if we get 4″ today (unlikely it will accumulate that much) we will be in a dead heat for the snowiest winter on record (still need 15 more inches after all this to compete with 1995-1996). But on this lazy Presidents’ Day when schools are off and most businesses are shut down, it sure does make the city look pretty. The charming streets look even more inviting framed with trees glistening with fresh white snow. Plus it’s our second Monday open and we have already had a slew of people in the shop, many of them happy for the extra day off. We just sold a set of these beautiful Brooklyn Sketch Notecards that we just got in late last week and as I was wrapping them up they also reminded me how beautiful this city is, especially now. The set of 8 notecards includes 4 of beautiful Brownstone Brooklyn and 4 of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, all letterpressed by hand on an antique press in a beautiful book-like set (complete with colored envelopes). Brooklyn Sketches Notecard Set $20.

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