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Enjoy this sweet, chewy treat…


YUM!!! We love Salty Road, Sea Salt Caramel Taffy! It is the perfect, salty – sweet – chewy treat! Even better, it’s made in Brooklyn. We love it’s adorable packaging, making it a great little gift for friends. Warning: once you open the box, you won’t be able to stop! $6.50

Find your way to the best diners in NYC…

diner map


We love these foodie maps and are SO excited to add the NYC Diner Map to  our Burger and Doughnut Map family. Tuck this map in your bag and take to the streets! Everyone knows NYC has some phenomenal diners. It is a true task to try them all, but you can at least hit up the 38 featured here. Choose your favorite and start making some diner memories. $8.50

Charcoal Soap is our Beauty Secret…


We have been huge fans of charcoal products for some time now, and we are SO excited to have this new charcoal soap in the shop from local company, Park Soap! This big bar of soap (6 oz) is full of detoxifying activated charcoal, making it the perfect facial cleanser. It’s great for the rest of your body too. It’s summer time and that means a little more sweat and a little more dirt. Keep your skin clean, clear and summer fresh. $12

Build your Own Kentile Floors Sign…


LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! We are crazy about our new Kentile Floors Sign Model Kit from Boundless Brooklyn. Standing eight stories high, this sign was part of the Brooklyn skyline since 1949 and was just recently dismantled. While we were so sad to see this sign taken down, we love that we can now have it forever in our homes. Easy to put together and made of recycled materials, this model is the perfect piece for any space. $20

All we need is s’mores …


We love a weekend spent outdoors, sitting around the campfire and making s’mores!! Honestly, it would be great to build a campfire everyday and pretend we’re at summer camp! BUT sometimes, we have to stay at home and get things done, which is why we LOVE this Campfire candle from Good Candle Co., a local Brooklyn company. Made of soy wax, it has a burn time of 50 hours. That’s a ton of campfire time for sure! Nothing can compete with it’s campfire scent. $30

Let’s Get Ready for the Long Weekend…


And spend it at the beach! We love our Alexandra Ferguson pillow – it just screams SUMMER!! It’s the perfect accent for any home. We’re ready for salty air and sand between our toes. $80

Ask the Experts…


Hot off the Press! We’re thrilled to have been featured in Time Out New York’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide (see page 22)! There are still a few days left to do some Mother’s Day shopping. As our local expert suggests, two perfect gifts are our glass kettle teapot and Bellocq Signature Blend Sample Box. All moms deserve a day of pampering and relaxation. What could be better than enjoying a delicious cup of tea?! 

Call Your Mother


Don’t let Mother’s Day sneak up on you! May 11th is just around the corner! We love Moms and know you love your Mom too. Whether you are near or far, be sure to call home. It will make Mom’s Day!

Take your drink for a spin…


These beautiful bike wheel wood coasters have us spinning. They are the perfect gift for any bike enthusiast. Or the perfect gift for yourself! This lovely set of 4 coasters will keep your furniture water-stain free. They will also add a rustic touch of design to your home (or urban rustic if you live in Brooklyn). $36

Sweet, Sweet Paul!!


We just added a new title to our magazine selection and it is my new obsession! Sweet Paul is based on the beautiful blog of Paul Lowe, a master of cooking and crafting. The quarterly magazine is packed full of delicious recipes, fun crafts, and clever decor ideas. The photography is absolutely gorgeous on heavy matte paper, earning this a permanent spot on my bookshelf, instead of heading to the recycling pile. I already have a few recipes (figuratively) earmarked: Brussel Sprouts with Blue Cheese, Asparagus and Lemon Ricotta Tarts, Ramp Chimichurri….and the cakes! Oh, the cakes. If they taste a fraction of how good they look this mag is worth it’s weight in gold. Carrot Cakes, Oreo Cakes, Maple Syrup Cakes, Malibu Cake (a twist on a coconut cake with Malibu rum)….yes, this is just in one issue. If you manage to make it past all that without overdosing on DELICIOUS, then you can even learn to make fun stuff like paper flowers. Here’s to the Sweet (Paul) Life!!

July 2020