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The Invention of Brownstone Brooklyn

I read about this wonderful book on our local Boerum Hill listserve– The Invention of Brownstone Brooklyn, it was highly recommended as a fascinating read. You can explore the gentrification of this amazing borough, back to the notorious industrial slums of the 40s & 50s,  through to the Brooklyn we know and love today. “The Invention of Brownstone Brooklyn deftly mixes architectural, cultural and political history in this eye-opening perspective on the post-industrial city.” The Invention of Brownstone Brooklyn“- $29.95.

Our Annie’s Clue Party!!! Mr. Green with a wrench in the Billiard Room…

Growing up we played a few select board games (Trouble, Life, Connect Four)- but CLUE was my favorite. We got it in the original version in the shop a few weeks ago (apparently the newer versions are completely different from the classic game we used to play) and I felt the urge to play some CLUE so a few neighbors/customers/friends came over with Jess and we got our CLUE on! Here is Jeanne reading us the directions so we remember how to play (I had forgotten what a strategic, thinking game it was,  had to have some parts repeated a few time, I was ready to WIN!) —

another action shot of Jess making an ACCUSATION … (she also brought us CLUE the movie to watch, have you seen it? It has 3 separate endings!

Jeanne ending up being our grand CLUE Champion– our murderer was Mr. Green with a wrench in the Billiard Room. But we all had a great time- Miss Scarlet (Jen), Mrs. White (Jess), Professor Plum (Jeanne) and me (Mrs. Peacock).

Have your own CLUE party! Clue– $22.50.

Pie Contest in a Box: Everything You Need to Host a Pie Contest!

Ooohh one of my FAVORITE new items! Hot off the presses- this fun Pie Contest in a Box! It includes everything you need to host a pie contest- what a fun tradition to start for summer! This fun kit includes: A Pie Contest Handbook (which orients judges to the history of pie), discusses why pie matters, outlines different categories of pie and official judging criteria, and includes prize-winning recipes * Pie Contest Judge Badges * Numbered Pie Toppers on Toothpicks * Pie Contest Scorecards * Pie Contest Prize Ribbons! Have your own throwdown in your backyard or kitchen! Pie Contest in a Box– $14.99.

Brooklyn’s annual visit to Brooklyn!

Meet Brooklyn and Jason Samuels- all the way from Dallas, Texas! This cute father and daughter pair came in first thing this morning and said they were here SAME DAY last year, and the year before- for their annual visit to Brooklyn. Jason grew up here but left 17 years ago, although still has a special place in his heart for his hometown.  So much so that he names his daughter Brooklyn! They bought some fun Brooklyn treats for Brooklyn and her friends.  Looking forward to seeing them next year- soo glad we are part of their yearly visit!

NEW: Pantone Love!

I need this. Everyone needs this. Make life more colorful with this set of 100 Pantone Postcards. Send some vibrancy through the mail, or make a collage on your wall with 100 magnificent colors chip postcards! Or perhaps a Pantone Journal is more your thing for inspiration? We have them, brand spanking new- in the COLOR OF THE YEAR (Honeysuckle) or a mixed- mash of fun, brilliant colors. Box of 100 Pantone Postcards– $19.95, Color of the Year Honeysuckle Journal– $9.95, Pantone Chip Journal– $9.95.

Something Beautiful…is about to happen :)

LLLLLLLLLLLOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEE this new letterpress artwork we just got in. I am seriously going to put it in a frame and hang in my apartment TONIGHT. Love the sweet, simple optimism of it. Something Beautiful is about to happen print– 9″ x12″- $26.50.

Check us out in Time Out New York’s Wedding Guide!

Thanks Time Out New York for giving us some shout outs in their Wedding Guide! I love the titles on their features: “Groomsmen/ Bridesmaid  Gifts That Don’t Suck” Ha!! (It’s true, I don’t need another paperweight?!?!) First up in the Groomsmen category is our MAN CAN:

A whole paint can kit just for him filled with- 1 bar of manly soap, 1 extremely spicy shaving gel, 1 very masculine bay rum oil, 1 really scratchy body mitt, 1 jar of fisherman’s hand butter- love the lingo- “there’s nothing tougher than a fisherman- except maybe a woman.” Man Can-$48.

And then for the Bridesmaids- we have the fun & functional Bridesmaid Survival Kit– 20 Emergency Survival Essentials. the kit features 20 miniaturized must- haves tucked inside a slim, silver clutch. With so many solutions in one compact place, this survival kit should never leave a bridesmaid’s side. Contains 20 emergency essentials: Folding Hair Brush with mirror, Hair Spray, clear elastics, bobby pins, earring backs, emery board, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, mending kit, double-sided tape, stain remover, static remover, breath-freshener, deodorant towelette, tampon, adhesive Bandages, pain reliever, facial tissues, blotting tissues and dancing socks. Bridesmaid Survival Kit– $20.

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