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Our Favorite Shirt will be Yours Too…


Hands down, our Peter Beaton Sailor Shirts are our go-to every morning when we pick out what to wear. We love a good stripe cotton shirt! Also, the crew neck cut is quite flattering. Board your yacht and take sail. Or be Parisian for the day. Either way, you will look and feel fabulous! Available S, M, L. $64.

Smells SO Good!


We are Swedish Dream fanatics! We love the soap and could not wait for this Sea Salt candle to be released. It’s our new favorite for sure! Relax and dream of life on the sea. $24

Hooray! It’s Friday!


Need we say more?! Hooray, Hooray, Hooray! It’s Friday and that means there is a weekend of fun ahead! Grab this tote and use it while you are out and about. Here’s to hoping for lots of sun and warm weather! 


The wait is over…Stendig Calendars ARE HERE!!!


Who isn’t a fan of the Stendig Calendar?? We LOVE them and they are back in stock! Make your friends jealous with the coolest calendar for 2014!!

Charcoal is the new Black


I am obsessed with charcoal! We have lots of great new products incorporating the myriad benefits of binchotan charcoal. For the next few weeks I will highlight those products and give some more information about their uses and benefits. Charcoal is useful all around the home, from the kitchen to the garden, and even in your beauty regime. We carry loose charcoal sticks, charcoal-infused toothbrushes, pumice stones, eye masks, and my favorite: facial puffs. The puff feels hard to the touch, but softens right up under water. It’s not abrasive like many scrubs and puffs, but it leaves my skin glowing and baby soft. My skin swings toward southern European oiliness, and I’ve noticed a real difference since using this regularly in the shower. Charcoal balances your PH levels, which reduces excess oil production. I absolutely love it! Check back next week for more about binchotan charcoal and it’s many uses!!

New Yorkistan is Back!


New Yorkistan, $18

We are super excited to announce that our New Yorker cover puzzle, “New Yorkistan” by Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz is back in print! It’s a whopping 1000 pieces, and features the iconic 2001 New Yorker cover. Available in store and online!

Chevron, Greek Key, Quadrille– I’m in HEAVEN…

I’m in heaven with all these lovely prints– Chevron, Greek Key, Quadrille (above). The prettiest little cocktail napkins,  all perfectly packaged & ready to rock your next soiree. Cocktail Napkins– $18 for set of 8. LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOVE THEM!!!!

A rainbow of colors!


The sun is shining, so it’s hard to think about rainy spring days, but eventually those showers will come! Best to be prepared! And while you’re at it,  why not make a spring fashion statement with our colorwheel umbrella! It’s a burst of color that will make you smile as well as keep you dry!


Where did I put that menu?

After you’ve lived in one place for awhile, the take-out menu mess is inevitable! I consider myself a pretty organized person but the menus – definitely last on the priority list. That’s why I’m in love with this nifty Take Out Menu Organizer! I have stacks of menus from neighborhood places that I love stashed in different piles and most of the time, they come pouring out of that cabinet I placed them in. But with this new organizer, I have hope that the mess will no longer be! Not only is it bright and easy to find, it includes handy meal-rating stickers, a tipping guide, helpful ordering advice, a frequently called numbers list, and so much more.  No more excuses, clean out that cabinet! And the next time you order take out, you won’t be searching high and low to find the menu for your favorite pad thai from that new place down the street.

Redefine Your Palate in Mere Days!

Foodie Flashcards, $12

Flashcards: they’re not just for students anymore. Are you sick of sounding like a culinary novice? Do you know your aspic from a hole in the wall? Or do you just have a foodie friend that needs a giggle? Well, your search is over! Get ready to gastro-speak with the best of them! This clever set includes 50 cards complete with definitions, illustrations, sample sentences, and even a game insert!

July 2020