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The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

ladies-no-1-detective-agency-bookHave you read any of these books in the No. 1 Ladie’s Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith? There are several in the series, each one as fun to read as the one before.  Set in Botswana and starring the unlikely heroine Precious Ramotswe- the books are charming and simple and a pleasure to read. Whenever I need to rest my mind and want a fun book to read, I pick up one of these quirky and endearing novels.  So needless to say I was delighted to see that HBO is starting a series based on the books, starting March 29th at 8pm.  I hope the books’ innocence is adequately captured in the TV series, but regardless of the medium this is a great group of characters to get caught up with, especially these days. Their simple ways and appreciation for the beauty and spirit of Africa will inspire us all.



glass_waterbottlesI AM OBSESSED with these beautiful water bottles, imported from Italy. We just received them last night and I was gushing about them so much as I was opening the boxes that I sold one right out of the carton! They will be on the website in March, but available in store now. LOVE THEM! Great housewarming present, perfect for next to your bed, kitchen, everywhere… $34

Crazylibellule and the Poppies

crazylibellule-and-the-poppiesCrazy what? Poppies who?? The name is a little funky (actually it’s FRENCH!, pardon my ignorance) but these solid perfume sticks smell sooo good! and you can pop them in your purse for on the go application.

A perfect end of winter (!!) mood lifter- $16.95.

6 wonderful scents– we have testers at the shop to help you pick!

(FACT: alcohol and paraben free, BONUS: product is entirely recyclable)

p.s. my friend Ashley bought one of these today and was saying how great these would be for travelling too! no more perfume bttles to worry about, or dump out at security…

cool Japanese newspaper write up–


We got a cool plug in weekly Japanese  Newspaper, Weekly NY Japion, you can see above they featured our Brooklyn Dog Biscuits-

I am not sure what it says, but it looks cool- eh?

We also just picked up those cool Brooklyn Rooftop notebooks from Andy Pratt, they should be in early next week.  Of course we also have the Ork posters that I love too.

Everyone loves Brooklyn, Yeah! Thanks to Ken for including us in the story. I will have to get Sems to translate for me….

Ed Emberley Drawing Books

One of my favorite items in the shop is Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals. Do you remember this from when you were little? I used to check it out of the library every week. We have it in soft cover for $6.99, still a classic.



The Week


If you are busy and don’t have time to read all the newspapers and weekly magazines out there, may I recommend -THE WEEK. The Best of the U.S. and International Media, it all comes neatly packed once a week with the latest worldy issues (and commentaries from papers around the world), as well as a little dose of gossip, health & science, real estate, etc. I think of it as a “Weekly Reader” for adults- in a nod to that paper we got in 3rd grade with news and events. I admit it’s not that cheap- but well worth it, and it looks like they are running a $1 a week special.

20/20 vision

collens-birthday-cardSometimes I think I am pretty clever and today is one of those days. It is my brother’s girlfriends Birthday this week and we are seeing her tonight so I wrapped up some fun treats from the store for her, BUT I also made her a special birthday card (see above). She just had Lasik eye surgery and so for her bday card I made her an EYE CHART birthday card- hahahaha. Or atleast I tried, you can be the judge– but no matter what artistic adventure I go on, it always looks like I am back in 5th grade (if you are going to try this yourself, I would have made each row a greater height disparity between the one above and below).  I was thinking of giving her our “Here’s looking at you” drinking glasses as well– but we sold the last set just now, need to get more!


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