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Stay Lookin’ Good…


The fall winds are blowing! And for for some of us, that means difficult hair days are ahead. Keep this pocket comb handy and take care of those fly – aways. After all, we want you to Look Good, All the Time. $6

Check us out in Brooklyn Based…

rifle iphone 6

We are SO excited to be featured in Brooklyn Based’s article: “On the iPhone 6 Case”! Soon, we will be getting in our shipment of these lovely cases from Rifle Paper Co. As written in the post: ” Annie’s has found a case made from what looks to be lucite, for plenty of shock-absorbing protection, which also incorporates an etched floral design.” Read more here. And come pick up your case soon! $40

Don’t forget your Metrocard…


We love this bright yellow, Metro Card rattle! After all, even the youngest tikes need their very own card when traveling around town. Hand knitted by artisans in Peru, this rattle is a great gift for locals as well as those that live far away and want to enjoy a piece of the Big City too! $18

The Bubble Wrap Costume is Back…

Bubble Wrap Big

Halloween is sneaking up on us! Of course, the BIG questions is: “What  are you going to be?!” Well, the Bubble Wrap Costume is back, by popular demand. Slip it on and let your night of fun begin. After all, who can resist popping those bubbles? No doubt, your costume will be a party favorite. $22

Take a Bite out of this Burger…


Or maybe not…. it does look quite tasty, though! We love our Burger Bike Bell. Anything but ordinary, it will add flavor to your handle bars. It might inspire you to make burgers for dinner too! $20

Ready, Set, it’s Poker Night…


No game closet is complete without a proper poker set! We LOVE this set, packaged in this gorgeous box. It’s pretty enough to leave out on the coffee table all the time. You never know when an impromptu night of poker might take place. Now, let the bets begin! $60

You’re a doll…


Is your inbox full of Costume Party invites?! ‘Tis the season to dress up and have fun, however, we find that we don’t always have time to make an elaborate costume. We love our Doll-Eye glasses – they’re an instant hit and an instant costume. When you move your head, the eyes appear to open and close just like a doll. Creepy?! Nope, totally cool.  All that’s left to make your doll look complete is a pinafore dress and a pair of Mary Janes. $8.50

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