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Down with DOMA!!!


We were thrilled to hear yesterday that the ironically-named Defense of Marriage Act was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. To all our friends and family directly affected by this ruling, we celebrate this momentous victory with you and look forward to continuing this path toward equal protection and rights for all everyone!

Go Fly A Kite!

Mini Power Kite, $16

Mini Power Kite, $16

Our Mini Power Kites are a must-have for summer! They assemble is seconds are are super easy to fly, making them great for younger kids and beginning flyers. And they’re nice and compact for traveling to the park!

Hit Mits are Here!!!

Hit Mit, $20

Hit Mit, $20

The super fun and portable paddle game is in stock and perfect for all your summer festivities! The set includes 2 lightweight EVA foam paddles and three balls in a handy mesh bag. They fit kids and adults alike, and are perfect for the beach, park, or anywhere else!

C is for Cookie…and Cassette!



Cassette Tape Cookie Cutter – $16

Is anyone else a little freaked out by the fact that these days, there are children who don’t know what a cassette is? With all of our gadgets and gizmos, even CDs are considered retro (shudder). It seems only yesterday I was using a pencil to rewind and repair all that ribbon….

Luckily, a whole new generation can be introduced to the glory that is the cassette…in cookie form! These super cool stainless steel cookie cutters are a fun reminder of simpler times; perfect for the nostalgic 20+ baker, music enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys a darn good cookie! 

Mark Your Calendars!


We’re so excited our friend, Alexis Barad is going to be celebrating the launch of her new book, “Who Are We?” on Tuesday, June 18th at 4pm. We just got our shipment from the first printing and it is adorable! “Who Are We?” is a guessing game board book filled with lots of educational facts and fun interactive flaps. Come join us on Tuesday and meet Alexis!



Dear Old Dad…


Bicycle Rupture Repair Kit, $22

Guys, Father’s Day is this Sunday. I know. Try not to freak out. We have plenty of cards and great gifts for every dad, and one of my favorites is this Bicycle Rupture Repair Kit. It includes: tire levers, a multi-function bike tool, rubber solution, bone wrench, metal rasp, patches and instructions. All packed into a compact an beautiful metal tin. Perfect for your “biker” dad!!!

The Sun is BACK!!! Baby C sporting some Babiators…

Baby C in babiatorsYES!! The sun is back out and in full effect on a beautiful day in NYC. A Friend/fellow Mama/Customer sent this picture of her son, the sweet Baby C sporting his Babiators he got at the shop- love it! Actually he’s not a baby anymore, he’s wearing the 3-7 year size and they look smashing. Babiators are guaranteed- they will replace them if they are lost or broken; you can’t go wrong with that! Babiators (available in 2 size 0-3 and 3-7)- $20.

Picnic Time!

Picnic Blanket, $40

Picnic Blanket, $40

It’s a rainy one today in NYC, but hopefully that will clear up soon so we can enjoy some summer weekend fun! Once the clouds clear we still have to contend with damp ground at our favorite parks. And nothing ruins a picnic like a wet butt, amiright? Luckily our picnic blankets are super soft on one side, and backed in water-proof PVC on the other. They’re perfect for the park or the beach, and roll up for easy carrying!

Pencils with Personality! (Featured in New York Magazine)


Pencils with Personality, set of 12 – $22.50

Crayola was close to brilliance when they started naming their colors after things like “mac-n-cheese” and “inchworm”. I’ll admit I loved  searching through my box (120 count, of course) and reading all of the uber-descriptive and exotic names. But even though they were fun and descriptive, they were missing personality…they were missing sass!

Well my fellow color-lovers, despair not. While they’re not quite the chubby nostalgic crayon, these gorgeous colored pencils have got you colored! Er…I mean covered! Whether you’re feeling mellowy-yellowy or you’ve got a serious case of the moody blues, these Pencils with Personality are perfect for expressing yourself on the page. They even come in a slick metal case, perfect for simple yet stylish storage. Get them for yourself, or buy them for a friend! Either way, they are sure to be appreciated – unless you are a robot.

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